Rethink Your Business

  • Rethink Your Business Podcast with Dave Hall was created to educate and entertain entrepreneurs. The idea came to Dave after many years of podcasting and a new focus on Rethinking his own business. The new show is here to inspire others with ideas and strategies that can help business owners be more successful. Dave does this by interviewing top entrepreneurs and business executive who are willing to share their stories of success, and failures. Dave is going to help you share your story be engaging you in a conversation and asking you questions. Dave will cover the topics his listeners expect to hear by having a mutual discussion from the information you provide below.
  • Things you should know:

    1. A good podcast is not scripted; therefore, Dave will not ask all of these questions, nor will he ask them in the order listed.
    2. We do not know the exact date of when the show will air so please refrain from using current dates, holidays or season when speaking during the podcast.
    3. Your total time with Dave will not be any longer than 30 minutes. He will spend 5 to 10 minutes with you before the podcast to ensure you don't have any questions or concerns. The podcast will record for 20 minutes.
    4. If you have any additional questions, please add them below.