QuickFlip Organizer

Terms of Use: This form is designed to assist the user in gathering the pertinent information needed to have Etrends Group report income and expenses for the users real estate flips on their tax return. Though it covers most of the information needed to prepare the tax return, the user may find some adaption to their particular tax situation is required. In addition, while this form may help the user discover additional tax deductions that may save them money, this form in no way guarantees tax savings or reduced tax liability. By using this form the user agrees that Etrends Group is not responsible for the outcome of the user’s tax preparation.

  • Section 1

  • Location AddressType: Residential /CommercialDate PurchasedPurchase PriceBuyer's Closing Cost 
  • Section 2

  • Location AddressType: Residential /CommercialDate SoldSales PriceSeller's Closing Cost 
  • Section 3

  • Start-Up CostsAdvertisingHOA DuesInsuranceImprovementsRepairs & Maintenance
  • Legal/Professional FeesInterestMileageReal EstateTaxesTelephoneTravelUtilities
  • Section 4

  • Equipment PurchasedCost of EquipmentDate of Purchase
  • Section 5