Engagement Letter – Prosperity

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  • We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you as your Prosperity Advisor. This letter is intended to confirm the terms of our representation of services to you. This document covers matters that establish our working relationship, so please read it carefully. Specifically, this Standard Engagement Letter describes the terms upon which Etrends Group will provide professional services to your organization.

    Upon your approval, we will undertake to provide strategic advisory services to you and your business. Each program has been created for the purpose of advising people such as yourself on how they can become better educated on matters affecting them and their prosperity.

    Professional Undertaking: Our goal is to provide you with quality strategic advisory services, on schedule and at our agreed upon cost. Using our professional judgment, we will endeavor to assign work on your behalf to our CPA’s, consultants, and strategic advisors that we deem appropriate under the circumstances. Although we will do our best to serve you effectively, we cannot guarantee success on this project. Nor do we guarantee that any particular result will be attained by us.

    Fees:Our fees for this project are calculated based upon the package you signed up for via this agreement and will be contained in the formal quote you received.

    Other Fee Arrangements: As part of this engagement, but by specific separate agreement, we will provide you a proposal for additional services we believe you need. All services performed under this new proposal will be governed by their own engagement letter.

    Costs: In the course of rendering services to your organization, it may be necessary for us to incur expenses for items beyond what we would normally incur for this type of engagement. If this were to happen, we would notify you in advance of incurring the cost and get your approval for reimbursement prior to making any expenditure.

    Invoices: Our invoices will be prepared, and must be paid, for this engagement prior to us beginning work. Our invoices are payable upon presentation and are overdue if not paid by the due date set forth on the invoice, unless prior written arrangements are made.

    Late Payments: If you fail to pay our invoices in full on or before the due date set forth on the invoices, we reserve the right to assess a monthly service charge equal to 1.5% of all fees and expenses which are past due. This monthly service charge will be billed to you at the end of each month in which a late payment occurs. In no event will the service charge be greater than permitted by any applicable law.

    Termination: You have the right to terminate our services at any time, but you will be liable for all fees incurred by our office prior to termination. We have the right to terminate this contract after 180 days without refund if we have been unable to fulfill the responsibilities of this agreement due to your unwillingness to provide us with the documents or time needed to complete the project.

    Special Arrangements: Special arrangements, if any, governing the basis on which we will provide and bill professional services to you and varying from or expanding upon the general arrangements set forth in this Standard Engagement Letter will be described in a separate agreement or addendum.

    Confidentiality: We treat all aspects of our client relationships as confidential and will gladly provide or sign appropriate non-disclosure agreements if desired.

    Limited Liability: Our liability to you under this agreement is limited to the amount of the fees you have paid our company for the services we performed.