Day 8 – Reflect and Complete

Aren’t you so excited to have made it this far? You are almost to the end. You have come so far from where you were just 8 days ago.

Today is a time to reflect on how far you have come and to go back and review what you have done so far. If there are projects you have not yet completed, now is your time to complete them. If you don’t complete each task you won’t be able to complete the challenge and receive your own personal Prosperity Plan. The task for each day must be completed in order for your Prosperity Advisor to have access to the information they need to complete your plan.

(When setting your goals remember to follow the SMART goal setting system.

S – Specific, M – Measurable, – A – Achievable, R – Relevant, and T – Time Based)

Task -Reflect on how far you have come. Review and complete all assignments so you are ready for Day 9