Day 5- Spending Plan

Wow!! Did you learn more about yourself yesterday than you had expected?

Yesterday’s questions are meant to help you start looking even deeper at where you have come from and where you are at, so you can start making positive changes for the future.

Today is the day you really start taking action. Today you are going to create a spending plan, or a budget, so you can see on paper how much you earn each month and how much you spend each month. Sometimes it is hard to be exact when you are creating your first budget, so please do your best. If there are expenses you pay on a quarterly or annual basis, make sure you include these expenses and average them out on a per month cost.

Task – Create a spending plan

Fill out your spending plan below or click the link to fill out our mobile version



Tomorrow’s task you will need to know what assets you have and detail on the liabilities, or amounts you owe to others. We suggest you get started today by gathering your various account statements and loan documents to help you with the upcoming assignment.