Day 4 – Financial Questions

Yesterday was quite an eye opener for some of you. You didn’t realize how simple it could be to apply the 3 P’s of the Prosperity Cycle in your life to help you achieve prosperity. The process really is that simple, if you follow the 3 steps and PROTECT your assets, PRESERVE your income and PRODUCE wealth you will find that your prosperity path will be much easier.

Today’s task is to start analyzing yourself. You are going to be asked a number of questions today about your financial history and your financial situation. We ask that you please answer each question as honestly as you can and that you provide as much detail as possible when providing your answers

Task – Answer the following questions about your financial situation and history:


For tomorrows assignment you are going to need to have available the last 3 months of income and expenses for your family. We recommend you start gathering whatever documents you need to help you with this upcoming assignment. (bank statements, credit card statements, bills, etc.)