Day 3 – Introduction

Today is a very exciting day. Now you have set your goals, it is time you start understanding what it is going to take to reach each of these goals. To help you we have put together a webinar that will cover the basic financial concepts you need to know in order to start making a positive change.

In this webinar you will be taught about the Prosperity Cycle and how it can be used to help you prosper in your life.

As you watch this webinar, we ask that you not only think about yourself, but you also think about your friends and family who might also benefit from this challenge. One of the greatest parts of improving our own lives is the ability it gives us to help others improve their lives as well. You can do this by extending the challenge, or for those of you who would like to get more involved, we will also take a couple of minutes to tell you how you can get involved with Etrends Group in sharing the message of Prosperity.

Task – Watch 10 Day Prosperity Challenge Webinar